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Count on Expat Moving Company Transport & Logistics to deliver dependable truckload and LTL service throughout the The Netherlands and Europe, utilizing an extensive network of thousands of affiliated carriers – partners carefully selected for their experience, professionalism and safety-conscious drivers.

The full range of the over-the-road options include: dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, over-dimensional and expedited services, with unlimited flexibility and vast capacity.

Flatbed Trailers Services Holland

Shipping material on an open deck trailer (commonly referred to as a flatbed, stepdeck or double drop) is the premier way to transport your freight that cannot be loaded easily into a van or box trailer.

We like to keep things simple for our customers—you tell us the dimensions and we will tailor the trailer to meet your needs. By doing this we can make sure you receive the best value out of each and every shipment in The Netherlands and Europe. This industry can be complicated and it does not have to be when you trust professionals such as Expat Moving Company Holland.

Efficient Transportation By LTL Experts

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is the transportation of freight that does not require the full length of a standard trailer and has very minimal time restraints. It can also be the most affordable and effective option to ship your material. We have the ability to coordinate shipments either by an open deck trailer or common carrier (van).

Do not get lost in confusing LTL classifications and pricing structures – let our LTL experts help you see your options clearly so you can make the best possible decisions for your business. We will simplify your load booking process and provide you with a dedicated contact to coordinate all your LTL needs.

Van Trailers Services

Shipping in a van, or box truck, is the most common form of truckload freight transportation. A dry van is a standard trailer that does not need to be temperature controlled and can carry freight loaded on pallets, packed in boxes, or secured otherwise within the trailer. Dry van shipping is optimal if your cargo can fit into a standard truck trailer and lacks temperature requirements.

Whatever type of enclosed trailer your company requires, Expat Moving Company Holland can supply it. With thousands of pre-screened affiliated carriers available in The Netherlands en Europe, you can be sure that your product will be picked up by one of the most qualified carriers the industry has to offer. Curtain side, reefer/temperature-controlled, double stack, drop-frame or whatever configuration you need, let Expat Moving Company Transport & Logistics know and you can rest easy that the job will be done.

Peace of Mind Through Intermodal Excellence

Sometimes the most cost effective way to get your freight to its destination takes a few modes of transportation. This can include land, air and sea. We have built partnerships across the globe with asset based companies and freight forwarders to get your material sent anywhere. Contact one of our experts today to find a better link in your supply chain.

Best-in-Class Ground Service

We fully understand that in today’s competitive markets, you need accessibility, reliability, and solutions that create your competitive edge from your logistics partner in The Netherlands. And that’s what we deliver; we do that through our people and processes and by leveraging best in class technologies in everything we do.

Warehouse Management and Fulfillment

Receiving, Storage, Picking & Distribution

1. Our powerful Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes movement and throughput, all in real-time and paperless.

2. We customize our processes to suit our clients' unique scope, yet we do it under a single systemic platform and base foundation.

3. Expand into new markets quickly and easily. Our platform provides the ultimate scalability and flexibility.

Europe & Holland Transportation Management

To meet the dynamic needs of our clients, we can arrange fleet management on a local, regional, and national level.

  • 1. Full truckload domestic transportation management service.
  • 2. Local domestic pickup and delivery, regional commercial cartage, ocean, and rail drayage.
  • 3. Expedited trucking service for urgent and/or high-value ground movements.
  • 4. Dedicated fleet management as required.

Providing you with scalable warehouse logistics solutions, in locations that are most beneficial to you.

Expat Moving Company Transport & Logistics has a global footprint of multi-tenant warehouse facilities in key distribution markets around Europe and The Netherlands. Our team of supply chain professionals can provide cutting edge logistics solutions with a willingness to invest in new warehouse locations that are mutually beneficial to our clients.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) support

As supply chains face the challenging environment that the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has created, the global logistics team supports our clients with the transportation of medical supplies and urgent freight requests. Read more. Please reach out if we can support your logistics operations at this time.

Capacity Solutions

We have ground freight solutions throughout the United States to match all your capacity requirements, including Dry Van, Flatbed, Specialized / Over-dimensional, intermodal, LTL, and refrigerated road freight solutions.

Contract logistics

Our contract logistics experts deliver warehousing solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients in The Netherlands and Europe. Providing skilled operations managers and supply chain design specialists, we will work with you to provide maximum value to your logistics operations and distribution services. We have worldwide warehousing solutions using the latest technology to support your regional or global operations with integrated solutions to develop your supply chain strategy successfully.

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Leveraging our suite of flexible and scalable logistics applications, Expat Moving Company Transport & Logistics can be very nimble and quick to implement your warehouse and distribution programs providing customized logistics solutions to support your operations.

Tailored Solutions with Rapid Integration

We create customized supply chain and logistics solutions for our clients, our goal is to help you transport everything from raw materials and parts to finished products with the best rates, high efficiency, and end-to-end visibility.

Building resilient Supply Chains

We combine industry expertise and tools to help customers orchestrate their supply chain network. Our approach combines world-class tech, proven processes, and partnerships with a curated selection of established carriers to provide a single transportation source to support your business needs.

In-house Solution Architects and Project Managers

When it comes to moving your freight, our experts can enhance your supply chain by providing flexible solutions, dedicated support, and end-to-end visibility. We provide tailored solutions to help your business reduce costs by decreasing your investments in equipment, software, facilities, and personnel. Our top-notch technology and experts' team will provide a seamless experience for all your ground transportation needs.

Your partnership is vital to us; we are committed to delivering value over the long-term, and we do it by embracing our seven principles. Our supply chain professionals will monitor the strategies and activities to guarantee that the plan meets your business's goals now and over time.

Value Delivery Road Map

Whether your company deals with multiple trucking vendors, complex rate structures, manual ordering, and invoicing processes, we've got you covered. Understanding your business is vital when trying to solve logistics challenges.

We have spent over 18 years caring for your goods and getting them to where they need to be, swiftly and safely.

Whether you grow the juiciest apples, catch the tastiest crab, roll the highest quality paper, or perfectly cut beautiful marble, your goods should matter just as much to the people who transport them as they do to you.

Our focus is on developing relationships and communicating with our customers, drivers, and the ports. We keep up on changing berthing schedules, know the best approach for each terminal, and make sure your container is properly loaded. All while keeping you up to date.

We go above and beyond to anticipate your needs. Our experience lets us mitigate risk and proactively remove any obstacles to your delivery. Whether we are brokering your freight or hauling your container on our own trucks, we are there to deliver your products as if they were our own.

Our dedication to you isn’t just about your cargo. Your bottom line is just as important. We have built a strong logistical network that gives you access to carriers, vessel freight capacity, and warehousing all while streamlining container clearing, loading and unloading, and freight tracking to save you time and money.

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Transport & Logistics services

Country & Service
MOSKVA (Moscow) Russia - Transport & Logistics 8,297,000
LONDONUK - Transport & Logistics 7,074,000
St PetersburgRussia - Transport & Logistics 4,678,000
BERLINGermany - Transport & Logistics 3,387,000
MADRIDSpain - Transport & Logistics 2,824,000
ROMAItaly - Transport & Logistics 2,649,000
KIEVUkraine - Transport & Logistics 2,590,000
PARISFrance - Transport & Logistics 2,152,000
BUCURESTI (Bucharest)Romania - Transport 2,016,000
BUDAPESTHungary - Transport 1,825,000
HamburgGermany - Transport & Logistics 1,705,000
MINSKBelarus - Transport 1,677,000
WARSZAWA (Warsaw)Poland - Transport & Logistics 1,615,000
BEOGRAD (Belgrade)Serbia - Transport 1,594,000
WIEN (Vienna)Austria - Transport & Logistics 1,540,000
KharkovUkraine - Transport 1,494,000
BarcelonaSpain - Transport & Logistics 1,455,000
NovosibirskRussia - Transport 1,400,000
Nizhny NovgorodRussia - Transport 1,358,000
Milano (Milan)Italy - Transport & Logistics 1,306,000
EkaterinoburgRussia - Transport 1,267,000
München (Munich)Germany - Transport & Logistics 1,195,000
PRAHA (Prague)Czech Republic - Transport & Logistics 1,193,000
SamaraRussia - Transport 1,165,000
OmskRussia - Transport 1,153,000
SOFIABulgaria - Transport 1,139,000
DnepropetrovskUkraine - Transport 1,108,000
KazanRussia - Transport 1,092,000
UfaRussia - Transport 1,088,000
ChelyabinskRussia - Transport 1,084,000
DonetskUkraine - Transport 1,050,000
Napoli (Naples)Italy - Transport & Logistics 1,047,000
BirminghamUK - Transport & Logistics 1,021,000
PermRussia - Transport & Logistics 1,014,000
Rostov-na-DonuRussia - Transport & Logistics 1,003,000
OdessaUkraine - Transport & Logistics 1,002,000
VolgogradRussia - Transport 992,000
Köln (Cologne)Germany - Transport & Logistics 963,000
Torino (Turin)Italy - Transport & Logistics 921,000
VoronezhRussia - Transport 903,000
KrasnoyarskRussia - Transport 876,000
SaratovRussia - Transport 875,000
ZAGREBCroatia - Transport 868,000
ZaporozhyeUkraine - Transport 850,000
LódzPoland - Transport & Logistics 803,000
MarseilleFrance - Transport & Logistics 800,000
RIGALatvia - Transport & Logistics 793,000
LvovUkraine - Transport 786,000
ATHINAI (Athens)Greece - Transport & Logistics 772,000
SalonikaGreece - Transport & Logistics 749,000
STOCKHOLMSweden - Transport & Logistics 744,000
KrakówPoland - Transport & Logistics 740,000
ValenciaSpain - Transport & Logistics 736,000
AMSTERDAMNetherlands - Transport & Logistics 729,000
LeedsUK - Transport & Logistics 727,000
TolyattiRussia - Transport 720,000
Kryvy RigUkraine - Transport 705,000
SevillaSpain - Transport & Logistics 695,000
PalermoItaly - Transport & Logistics 689,000
TilburgThe Netherlands - Transport & Logistics 268,000
KISHINEVMoldova - Transport 658,000
GenovaItaly - Transport & Logistics 656,000
EnschedeThe Netherlands - Transport & Logistics 654,000
Frankfurt am MainGermany - Transport 644,000
KrasnodarRussia - Transport 640,000
Wroclaw (Breslau)Poland - Transport 637,000
GlasgowUK - Transport & Logistics 616,000
LeidenThe Netherlands - Transport & Logistics 314,000
GroningenThe Netherlands - Transport 209,000
VladivostokRussia - Transport & Logistics 607,000
ZaragozaSpain - Transport & Logistics 601,000
EssenGermany - Transport & Logistics 600,000
RotterdamNetherlands - Transport & Logistics 593,000
BredaThe Netherlands - Transport & Logistics291,000
DortmundGermany - Transport & Logistics 590,000
StuttgartGermany - Transport & Logistics 582,000
UtrechtThe Netherlands - Transport & Logistics 580,000
VILNIUSLithuania - Transport 578,000
PoznanPoland - Transport & Logistics 578,000
DüsseldorfGermany - Transport & Logistics 569,000
RotterdamThe Netherlands - Transport & Logistics 564,000
LISBOA (Lisbon)Portugal - Transport & Logistics 563,000
HELSINKIFinland - Transport 549,000
MálagaSpain - Transport & Logistics 543,000
BremenGermany - Transport & Logistics 540,000
SheffieldUK - Transport & Logistics 530,000
SARAJEVOBosnia - Transport 529,000
The HagueThe Netherlands - Transport & Logistics499,000
AmsterdamThe Netherlands - Transport & Logistics938,000
OrenburgRussia - Transport 523,000
Naberezhnye TchelnyRussia - Transport 521,000
DuisburgGermany - Transport & Logistics 520,000
LipetskRussia - Transport & Logistics 519,000
HannoverGermany - Transport & Logistics 515,000
MykolaivUkraine - Transport & Logistics 510,000
TulaRussia - Transport 506,000
OSLONorway - Transport & Logistics 505,000
TyumenRussia - Transport & Logistics 502,000
KOBENHAVN (Copenhagen)Denmark - Transport & Logistics 499,000
EindhovenThe Netherlands - Transport & Logistics 492,000

Transport & Logistics The Netherlands

EMC Transport & Logistics provide services in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague The Netherlands. EMC Transport & Logistics set the industry standard in professional pallet distribution, warehouse storage, logistics and transport services in The Netherlands and Europe. Since 12 years we have specialised in providing logistical support and warehousing to customers who demand the highest standards. We are an established logistics company in The Netherlands started by a group of professionals with over 20 years experience. Our outlook is to build long-term relationships with all our clients based on trust and service received, while adapting to your business needs and reacting to the demands of ever-changing operating environments.

We have a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of industries offering your company value added services in Europe, this forms the basis of ‘can do’ approach for your business. You will have a peace of mind when choosing our logistic services in The Netherlands.

The philosophy of the company has always been to provide a wide range of logistics and transport services, which is essential for success in today's competitive market. Our vision is to continue to develop a market leading brand, built on a reputation of impeccable customer service, operational management and service delivery that sets the standard for the transportation industry in Europe.

At EMC we use our own fleet and our chosen network, to provide extensive pallet distribution coverage throughout The Netherlands and Europe.

We also have a wealth of experience in Warehouse storage & self-storage solutions. We are able to support our clients across the The Netherlands offering a high level of service. We are confident that we can supply an excellent level of logistics and transportation services in Europe as we give all our clients a dedicated account manager just to service your day to day operations.