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Expat Moving Company Paris understands that finding a local moving company in Paris can be a difficult process. A reliable local Mover can be difficult to find. Even when dealing with a small local move, the stress can build up drastically just by trying to coordinate everything on your own. That’s why Expat Moving Company Paris strives to set itself apart from other local moving companies in Paris/France.

All of our office staff and relocation consultants are currently or formerly movers themselves. In other words, from the moment you call in you speak to people who truly understand the relocation process. In addition to that, we never hire daily laborers like many other local moving companies in Paris, all of our moving staff are our own full-time employees.

As soon as you call to request a local moving quote, you will be assigned your own personal relocation consultant. Your personal moving consultant will carry you along the moving process from beginning to end, and help you plan according to your own custom-tailored needs and budget. They will offer their years of experience and guidance to help you plan your move out perfectly, and review the various aspects and stages of the local moving process.

Having someone who understands your specific needs, and coordinates the moving process accordingly, will immediately reduce drastically the stress associated with even the smallest local move.

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We’ll help prep and pack your valuable belongings to help ensure they are moved safely.

Expat Moving Company Paris has the necessary training and experience to properly pack boxes to guard against damage or breakage. Packing can be a very time-consuming and tedious process. It can easily account for half, or more, of all the time associated with a local or international move in Paris. Some of our customers can’t afford to take the time off of work, or would rather spend their time helping their loved ones and pets deal with the stress related to their relocation.


Leave the lifting to us.

Expat Moving Company Paris charges affordable flat hourly rates to move your items. Hire us to relocate your belongings, maximize space in the moving truck and reduce the potential for damage. We have the right moving equipment, and more experience, to load and unload your valuables faster than you can. Correctly loaded boxes won’t shift during transit and helps ensure your items will reach their destination without being damaged.

Truck & Driver in Paris

We have a fleet of trucks and drivers available to rent at your disposal.

We can do all of the driving and eliminate both the hassle of finding an available truck, and the need to purchase truck rental insurance.

Our driver and truck fees are often lower than the rates charged by truck leasing companies to just rent the truck. Did you know that most truck rental companies do not guarantee vehicle availability, even if you make a reservation? Read the small print. With Expat Moving Company's low rates, why go through the truck rental ordeal and take the liability of driving a large vehicle?


Save your energy, we’ll safely and carefully unload your belongings.

Moving in Paris can be stressful enough without wearing out yourself or your friendships.  Expat Moving Company France can provide the muscle to safely unload your items. Save your energy for unpacking and getting acquainted with your new neighbors.

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Things to Know About Moving to Paris

Before you start making plans, spend some time researching the country. France is more than just Paris. It has wine regions, the French Alps, and coastal cities with a Mediterranean climate. More than 31 percent of the country is covered with forest, and approximately 17 percent of the country’s population lives in Paris. Not surprisingly, one part of the country will offer a different lifestyle than another, and the cost of living in one region over another can vary substantially, too.

In general, the cost of living in France is 6.3 percent lower than the cost of living in the Netherlands. However, the average rent in France is significantly less than it is in the Netherlands. This will depend on where you decide to live and where you live now. You will pay more for an apartment in Amsterdam than for a similar apartment in Paris.

And, if you are living in a town in the Netherlands and opt to move to a village in southern France, your overall cost of living could be substantially less. On the other hand, you may have a more difficult time finding properties to buy or rent in that village than you would in Paris.

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Things to Know About Moving for Career

Paris has been an ideal place for its quality of higher education and the expansive job market.

Paris was experiencing a sort of renaissance in the workforce with as many as 65% of people citing remuneration as well as a desire to improve one’s living conditions as the reason for changing jobs. However, given the disastrous effects of the pandemic, job seekers have had to readjust their thinking. As new technologies emerge, and work and life balance become more precious, new job candidates in France are assessing their skills and looking to find work in a completely new market.

The hiring boom has since steadied, and employment has rebounded in many French regions. As countless people in France head back to work in 2023 and beyond, France stands out to be a job hub for language-oriented jobs, IT, web development, data analysis, medicine, design, sales, and marketing.

Furthermore, France is a hub for top-rated universities. If moving to France to study is in your future plans, you can't miss out on the best French Universities. Institutions such as SciencesPo, École Normale Supérieure de París, Sorbonne Université, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Strasbourg University, Montpellier University, and many more.

Expat Moving Company Paris | Office moving services

There’s a lot to take into account when moving your business. Aside from ensuring all your equipment is carefully delivered, you also can’t afford for your business to have much downtime. In addition to local moving and nationwide moving, Expat Movers Paris also specializes in commercial moving services in Paris with five main locations across France.


Choosing Expat Relocation Company Paris for your commercial moving services means that you’re getting more than just help to relocate your office in Paris. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you have our commitment and promise to exceptional service with licensed and trained commercial movers who share a passion for helping others.


With more than 20 years of experience and over 15,000 successful moves each year, our moving team in Paris provides the highest quality and professional commercial relocation services. We understand how important and time-sensitive the nature of moving your business is. Our movers in Paris are professionally trained in extensive, time-tested packing methods to pack and move your office safely and efficiently. This way, your business experiences minimal downtime and a successful move.

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