What are the advantages of using a moving company in Munich?

Planning your move to Munich can be a strenuous task, from disassembly to delivery there are a number of laborious tasks that will take up much of your time and put you at risk of injuries. Further, Munich is one of the most congested cities in Europe making your move quite frustrating. Therefore, hiring Expat Moving Company is the right decision if you are planning to relocate from or to Munich.

We have 17 years of experience moving Expats and have earned the reputation as the most trusted moving company of expats. We pride ourselves on offering excellent service at some of the most competitive moving rates in Munich. Our goal is to provide each customer with a customized moving package to meet his or her specific needs. Whether If you’re looking for a few extra hands to help you load a portable storage container or need someone to do all the packing and unpacking for your residential move, we can create a moving solution that’s tailored to you.

We make moving easy! Our movers are smart, professional, and friendly. Choose Expat Moving Company in Berlin — it’s the smartest move you’ll ever make.

We make moving easy! Our movers are smart, professional, and friendly. Choose Expat Moving Company in Munich— it’s the smartest move you’ll ever make.

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Why move to Munich?

Munich is the capital and most populous city of the German state of Bavaria. With a population of 1,5 million inhabitants. It is the third-largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the 11th-largest city in the European Union with an area of 310 square Kilometres.

Not only is Munich a great tourist destination, but also a popular place for expats from a wide array of industries. These include automotive, high-tech technology and electronics, film-making, as well as finance. Truly an expat city, over a quarter of Munich’s population, is made up of foreign nationals and over 70% of the population is fluent in English.

Munich has a truly excellent public transportation network, allowing riders to get virtually anywhere within the city limits including the city's top attractions such as the Nymphenburg Palace and English Garden.

In terms of recreation, Munich has something for everyone, history buffs, culture vultures, nature lovers, gourmets, and sports enthusiasts included. The Oktoberfest is an annual highlight, bringing together party animals and Bavarian traditionalists.

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Moving Services in Munich

We first came to Munich in 2005. Since then, we have been growing rapidly just like the city itself! As Munich has grown, Expat Moving Company has grown with it and we are proud to have brought our unique brand to customer service and years of experience in Munich.

Whether you are looking for:

• Family movers to move your family from Stuttgart to a new home in Munich
• Commercial movers to relocate your office to Munich's downtown historic district
• Apartment movers to help move you into your dorm at the University of Munich
• Packing services (full-service and partial) to make sure all belongings get from point A to point B
• Portable and storage unit movers to help move your winter furniture into our storage in Munich
• Long-distance movers to move your family from Munich to Dusseldorf, Amsterdam or Milan.

Affordable Household Moving Services in Munich

Affordable Household Moving Services in Munich
You can select Expat Moving Company, the highly dedicated Munich Expat, Student & Family Movers provides quality services from a highly reliable household movers company. We are in this business since 2012 and offer highly efficient and prompt services in Munich. Our services are best scheduled and they can deliver household goods on time without causing any delays to our customers. Customers can get complete reliability and trust in our services because other users have found them timely, reliable, and trustworthy in our Munich Moving Services. You can make an ideal estimate of time to allow our Munich moving company to work on moving your household goods and services.

Expat Moving Company household movers can do any difficult moving task with much care and attention. We move any household items very large or awkward such as spa and sports equipment to your desired destinations. If you want to give Expat Moving Company, Student & Expat Movers the responsibility of moving your car instead of driving it, you can be very happy and enjoy our services. We will work hard to plan your moving items from Munich to other places. If you have large numbers of awkward items to place from one place to another and need highly reliable services, you can show complete trust in Expat Moving Company in Munich.

Valued customers can get complete peace of mind by selecting Expat Moving Company for our household & student moving services to move large electronics items such as refrigerators, dryer units, and other heavy things. We can transport different motorized items such as ATVs or bulky items that are light in weight but can capture huge space. Such items need care and professional moving services to transfer them without facing any wear and tear in these items. Expat Moving Company Munich will completely examine these items before finalizing things with our customers to move them safely to their desired destinations.

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Affordable Commercial (Business) Moving Services in Munich, Germany

Businesses should always be very careful in selecting commercial movers to move their valuable office items from one place to another. Expat Moving Company Munich offers our customers huge benefits by selecting us for their commercial relocation needs. You can do proper research work in making your decisions to get the true value of your money invested. Before hiring Expat Moving Company Munich, you should have a complete realization that the costs of moving office items and equipment will be a big factor in making your decisions. Never trust such commercial movers who don’t have the capacity of knowing how to move bulk items safely without causing any damage to your property.

The good news about Expat Moving Company's commercial movers is that we offer affordable commercial moving services. Our prices are competitive if you compare them with other commercial / business movers in Munich. We can move your larger items by offering storage units for easier and more convenient transportation and the best protection of your valuable commercial items. We recommend customers always get a quote from Expat Moving Company and compare them to other companies before deciding to transfer their office or commercial equipment including furniture items, electronics, or other expensive goods.

Safety and protection of your office equipment should be your top priority. Expat Moving Company's commercial moving service offers complete security and warranty for the transportation of your items in the most efficient way. We do the transportation of office furniture and other equipment once these items are properly packed. Customers should be well aware that commercial moving is difficult and we are ready to offer all types of necessary help in unpacking the items once they have reached your destination. We are ready to work closely with your employees to make sure everything has been carefully handled and transferred to its ideal location.

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Affordable Office Moving Services in Munich, Germany

If you want to use office movers to relocate your office equipment and costly furniture in Munich, you should be very cautious in selecting the best office movers company. Make sure that there will be little or no lost productivity after taking services from highly efficient sources. In moving office equipment to a short distant place, you can get through the transfer of goods process without facing any interruptions to your employees due to the transfer of business. But if you are moving your office equipment after taking services from Expat Moving Company's Munich office movers, you should make your employees well prepared to wait for some time for the delivery of office furniture and other items before resuming normal working activities.

The right movers like Expat Moving Company's Munich office movers will make you stress-free in the entire process. Our moving services in Munich are highly reliable and professional and most of our customers have complete reliability and trust on our valued moving & transport services. There is no need for you to supervise such a professionally developed office movers company. We know how to deal with different items ranging from small to large office items with care and attention. You can relocate your business from one place to another place by keeping your employees during this business transfer time. You can nominate a number of different responsibilities to keep your employees busy and capable to do their regular jobs when the process of transferring office equipment is completed.

Different employees can telecommute and operate from their own homes while you are taking services from Expat Moving Company Munich office movers in the meantime. Hiring a professional and experienced office Movers Company should be your top most priority to get the job done according to your expectations. We make this extensive moving service experience a requirement for every relocation professional we employ. Please call us to discuss the details of your next office relocation today! Due to our many years in business, the Munich moving service experts at Expat Moving Company are fully qualified to assist your company with the process of coordinating the many aspects involved in successfully transferring your computer support furniture, cubicle walls, and business support systems from your previous office to your new office building. Rely on Expat Moving Company Germany to carefully manage to move your office in Munich, keeping you on schedule and within budget.


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