Expat Moving Company - Moving service in Maastricht

As Maastricht most trusted and #1 rated mover, Expat Moving Company Maastricht is setting new benchmarks in service and customer support.

No matter what you are moving, and where you are moving it to, we’ve got you covered.

Providing you with 24/ 365 days of moving services in Maastricht for your small, local, residential, long-distance, office and out-of-the-box moves. We’re nimble and flexible, moving you whenever and wherever you’re headed: Christmas Day, Holidays, New Years Eve, we’re ready.

It goes without saying that you’re unique, and so too is your move. That’s why we make this all about you, and not us. Expat Moving Company is the only company in Maastricht that will move you any time of the day, any day of the year, with no days off! Relocation shouldn’t get in the way of your life.

We are a 24/7 and 365 days a year operation that’s built to accommodate you. 2am, we’ll do it, 10pm, we’ll be there. Whatever your move day and time of day requirements are, we are experienced to meet your schedule. We know, it’s about time someone moved you this way.

Expat Moving Company Maastricht is a safety-focused, accredited and compliance vigilant company, that ensures your move is a stress-free experience instead of a life disruption. Our flat price guarantee also means that there are no hidden costs or surprises during your move.

You’re getting all the reassurance of an accredited, insured expert mover with one of the safest and best-maintained fleets in Maastricht and Europe including GPS tracking, affordable packing and storage options PLUS a time and day that suits you all year round.

Why are we Maastricht's highest-rated and most loved mover?

  • On-time and on-budget moves to suit your unique requirements
  • 24/7 365 moving service
  • Competitive pricing and a flat price guarantee
  • Comprehensive packing service in Maastricht, Holland & Europe.
  • Expert fragile item handling and crate services
  • Packing moving supplies such as boxes and plastic bins delivered to your door
  • No move too big or too small
  • Secure short and long-term storage
  • Unrivaled customer communication and support with a dedicated moving advisor throughout our entire move
  • Federal and State moving accreditation
  • Fully insured, insuring your items during the move and storage
  • Professional, trained and experienced movers
  • A safe, clean and compliant fleet of custom trucks with GPS tracking
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team to manage feedback and any claims quickly and fairly
  • A Referral Program providing cash in hand for recommendations
  • A company with a soul, that contributes to non-profit organizations in the communities we serve

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Packing service in Maastricht

Our full packing service in Maastricht takes care of your packing at the pick-up location of your move. We can pack all or some of your belongings so you can focus on other aspects of your move. All of your boxes and items will be securely delivered so you can peacefully unpack them in your new home at your own pace.

It’s surprising how long it can take to pack even a small apartment let alone a home with 20 years of memories. Moving can also take place at some of the biggest moments in our lives. With all of your items professionally packed and clearly labeled by our team for an easy unpacking experience, settling into your new home will be a joy. Our movers have the training and expertise to efficiently and securely pack your valuable items.

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Maastricht last minute and emergency moving specialties

As the only moving company in Maastricht that offers on-demand service 24/7/365 moving services, we can handle any unexpected relocations that pop up at the last minute.

There are a number of reasons for planning a last-minute move – you broke up with your partner, a family emergency, your planned movers cancelled on you or you just left it to the last minute – we don’t judge.

No matter what your reason to move on short notice, we do our best to provide same-day or next-day moves for customers who need to relocate with urgency.

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Storage in Maastricht

Moving is often the best time to decide what items you can live without by placing them into storage.

Make more space in your life with our full storage service in Maastricht where we handle every part of the process so you don’t have to lift a box or make a trip to a storage facility ever again.

Just call us to pick up and drop off your items when you need them – it’s that simple!

At Expat Moving Company Maastricht we offer emergency, short term and long-term storage solutions based on your needs.

Safe, clean and security monitored, use our convenient storage solutions with confidence. We’re with you for the whole haul.

Additional support during your last minute relocation

The key to a successful last-minute relocation is good organization and documentation.

Our reliable procedures, competitive pricing and expert advice will ensure your last-minute move runs like clockwork. We can manage every step of your relocation or just do the heavy lifting. The choice is yours. This is how we can get you out and into your new place ASAP:

  • We can deliver your packing supplies so you can get packing before we arrive
  • Emergency packing services, don’t lift a finger while we pack for you. We can also arrange custom packing for fragile or large items that need special handling.
  • Last minute short or long term storage services.

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We are a fully licensed, insured and accredited moving company in Maastricht, with one of the safest truck fleets on the Netherlands and Europe including GPS tracking.

You will have the peace of mind your possessions are covered if any unexpected challenges come up.

We also have the experience with common Maastricht moving considerations, which you do not want to worry about when you have to move at the last minute. Let us manage these for you;

Why Expat Moving Company Maastricht?

With over 20 years of experience and over 70.000 people relocated, Expat Moving Company Maastricht has the wealth of knowledge needed to provide its clients with the best possible services at the lowest possible prices, which is why they have dubbed themselves “the best in the business." They have the skills and resources to make your international relocation fast, convenient and affordable, and to top it all off, they offer free quotations on their website so that you can stick to your relocation plan and budget.

Full Moving Service

Relocations require a lot more than transport; there are many tedious and time-consuming tasks. This is why Expat Moving Company offers a full moving service wherein movers come directly to your home to disassemble and pack items the day before your move. The next day your items are transported to their destination and will arrive there on the same day (or next, depending on the distance). Following the move, your items will be unpacked and assembled by the company's movers.

Direct Moving Service

Much like the aforementioned, the direct moving service includes the collection and delivery of your items on the same day or the following day. Additional services such as packaging and assembly can be purchased from Expat Moving Company.

Combined Moving Service

In order to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability, Expat Moving Company offers combined relocation services wherein items from different clients are stored in a unit and later consolidated into one moving truck or van, after which they are delivered to the destination in a guaranteed period of 14 days or less. The combined moving service is the most affordable service. Additional services such as packaging and assembly can also be purchased.

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Professional movers & packers Maastricht

Moving from one place to another is much easier with the help of quality movers. Whether you need to move across the city or across the country, you need top-rated Maastricht movers to help you get the job done. You need the best Maastricht furniture movers, Expat Moving Company. We have the manpower, experience, and equipment to get your move done quickly and efficiently. We offer moving and storage services in Maastricht to residents all around the Limburg area. We are the full-service movers residents and businesses trust with all of their moving needs.

Our quality home movers in Maastricht can quickly strategize the best plan for packing up your items and moving them. If you don't have the time or energy to pack and move yourself, then our expert home movers can do it for you. Whether you need to put your items in storage for a brief time or you're ready to move them into a new home, we can help.

Our top-rated moving and transport company offers the benefit of having both storage and transporting solutions for Maastricht, Holland & Europe.

Besides our top rated home movers, we also offer commercial moving and packing. Are you heading to a bigger location? Transporting your assets and machinery can be a delicate and nerve-wracking experience. Our full service movers can help. We'll ensure that your assets are transported carefully, so they can arrive at your new location safely.

If you have office furniture that needs to be moved, we have furniture movers in Maastricht & Limburg who can quickly and safely transport them to your brand new office. Trust in our movers to get the job done right.

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