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Our city has spoken, and it has deemed Expat Moving Company to be top of the list of Best Moving Companies in Leipzig. From our exceptional customer and professional moving services to our seamless execution of every move, we have redefined the standards that people traditionally expect from Leipzig movers. Having perfected our techniques in packing and moving, we keep customers informed throughout the process. Expat Moving Company tailors the crew, vehicles and the process to your unique moving needs and for your convenience, making all our moves hassle-free and stress-free.

Having the right moving and packing supplies ensures valuable belongings will be protected during your home or office move. Expat Moving Company offers a large variety of moving boxes and packing supplies that can be delivered straight to you to make your move or pack easy. Our convenient boxes and supplies delivery service help you save time, money, and headaches.

Furniture disassembly, furniture assembly and furniture disposal are additional moving services provided by Expat Moving Company Leipzig. We have a team of professional movers who are able to quickly and efficiently disassemble, assemble and dispose of furniture.

You will love meeting our team of efficient and friendly movers. Our crews will come in standard Expat Moving Company uniform ready to tackle any job with the proper equipment and a positive attitude. All of our crews are led by a moving foreman that will oversee the service and have experienced and trained helpers to move your items as efficiently as possible. Here at Expat Moving Company Leipzig, we dedicate ourselves to improving moving service standards in the moving industry and we have so many moving reviews and awards to prove it.

Constant Communication

From the first time you reach out to us to the completion of your moving day, we are always here to help. Our commitment to unparalleled customer service in Leipzig is what makes us the best moving company in Germany. Prior to moving day, one of our experienced moving coordinators will be there to guide you through the payment process and provide you with the most accurate estimate possible. On moving day, our dispatchers will field any questions and address any concerns that you may have. Once the move is complete, our customer service and accounting team will be there to assist with any questions. From the very first phone call until the last moving box is put away in your new home, we’re there for you.

Excellent care of your items

When dealing with your belongings, our movers in Leipzig will treat your items like they are their own. We will do everything possible to decrease the risk of property damage on any kind of move. As a standard part of our top-rated moving services, we offer full blanket wrapping of all items, stretch wrapping of your upholstered pieces, floor runners to protect your flooring at all locations, wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothing and the complimentary use of dollies and straps. As well, all of our moving trucks come stocked with the proper equipment and supplies tailored to your specific moving needs.

If you’re trying to move out of an apartment or into a condo, you’ve likely already realized that there are unique restrictions and regulations that come with this territory. Luckily, Expat Moving Company, know all about moving windows and parking permits. We can handle the organizational aspects of the move as well as provide labour. Don’t waste any more time worrying about your apartment or condo move – leave it to the Expat Moving Company experts to handle everything.

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Office movers in Leipzig

As well as providing professional residential moving services in Leipzig, Expat Moving Company commercial and office movers offer timely and reliable corporate relocation services. We promise to make sure your Leipzig office move is as fast and efficient as possible while meeting the needs of your business in terms of budget, timeline and employee experience.

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Commercial moving can be stressful and frustrating for employees that are transferring to a new location. At Expat Moving Company Leipzig, we understand the importance of providing your employees with a stress-free commercial relocation experience as they undergo a move to their new office space. Let our commercial movers take care of your office move to ensure minimal disruption of your business.

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Long distance move

Are you looking for a professional moving company in Leipzig for your long-distance move? Expat Moving Company Leipzig Movers can move you and your belongings across Leipzig, Germany, to any destination in Europe. Long-distance moving can be scary and stressful, but moving your belongings along with you doesn’t have to be. Leave the heavy lifting to us and ensure your successful long-distance move no matter where you’re going.

Whether your long-distance move requires relocating to a house, office or condo, our skilled moving coordinators in Leipzig are here to satisfy all your moving, storing and packing needs.

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In addition to our award-winning moving services, Expat Moving Company Leipzig offers professional packing and unpacking services to keep your items safe and secure while you relocate. Planning a local or long-distance move can be scary and unsettling; you shouldn’t have the added stress of worrying about the safety of your fragile or breakable items.

Our skilled Leipzig movers come prepared with the packing supplies necessary to pack any item with ease, no matter the size or shape. We even offer personalized crating services and blanket wrapping for your specialty items. Expat Moving Company Leipzig packing and unpacking services are available for local moving in Leipzig as well as long-distance moving through Germany and Europe.

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Storage units in Leipzig

Here at Expat Moving Company Leipzig, we strive to be the Leipzig moving company that does it all. As well as providing professional residential, long-distance and commercial moving services, we also offer customized storage options in Leipzig for items of all shapes and sizes.

We provide safe and secure storage options, carefully packaging your items and storing them in our climate and temperature-controlled warehouse to ensure maximum protection. Looking to store items that are fragile or breakable? As the best movers in Leipzig, we offer extensive storage solutions for your valuables, offering the use of customized wooden storage crates for larger items as well as full blanket wrapping services.

Even if you are moving locally or simply rearranging furniture in your home, you still may be in need of some moving help. Our labour services include loading and unloading trucks and storage containers, carefully moving items within your home, the assembly and disassembly of furniture and more. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the task at hand!

Small moves in Leipzig

Some moves involve a gentler hand and a more careful process. Expat Moving Company knows just how to handle the most delicate of items, including artwork, antiques, family heirlooms, designer furniture, and other specialty possessions.
We take great care in all our moves, but we provide a white glove moving and delivery service to any clients needing some extra consideration and delicacy with their possessions. No matter how small your move may feel, we understand the value that your belongings hold. We will give them our undivided attention from the beginning to the end of your moving day. Even your most fragile items are always safe in our hands.

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Disassembly and assembly work

Did you know that Expat Moving Company offers convenient furniture assembly services? Now you can have your furniture assembled at home by a Expat Moving Company professional. Get an estimate today, then sit back and relax as we take care of the hard work for you.

Same day moving in Leipzig

Some moves involve a gentler hand and a more careful process. Expat Moving Company Leipzig knows just how to handle the most delicate of items, including artwork, antiques, family heirlooms, designer furniture, and other specialty possessions.

We take great care in all our moves, but we provide a white glove moving and delivery service to any clients needing some extra consideration and delicacy with their possessions. No matter how small your move may feel, we understand the value that your belongings hold. We will give them our undivided attention from the beginning to the end of your moving day in Leipzig. Even your most fragile items are always safe in our hands.

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Move your Piano in Leipzig

With every piano move we take on, we pad and wrap each instrument before using specialized equipment to transport it from your first location, into our trucks, and into your final destination.

Complete client satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we understand the value that pianos and organs hold to their owners. You can rely on the Expat Moving Company professional movers to show up on time, take every safety precaution, and complete the job without a hitch.

Why move to Leipzig?

Expat Moving Company

If the thought of moving to the central German city has crossed your mind, but you’re not entirely convinced and require a little more confirmation that it could be the right decision for you, then read on. In this article, we highlight why life in the Saxon metropolis could be a wise choice for you. We also explore the different neighborhoods, so you know what neighborhood is right for you when searching for an apartment.

1. It's like good ol’ Berlin: You have probably heard people say that Leipzig is the 'new Berlin'. Though there is some truth to this comparison, this (somewhat) unwelcome 'new Berlin' tag is driven primarily by two factors: their close proximity and history, and the fact that the cost of living in the two cities. While both have fascinating histories, we’re most excited about the low cost of living that both cities offer. Although Berlin is still an affordable city in which to live compared to Germany's other heavily populated cities, it has undergone so-called ‘hyper-gentrification’ over the last decade, and prices are no longer as low as they once were. Leipzig continues to be an incredibly affordable option, even compared to Berlin, as it hasn't undergone the same level of gentrification just yet. The Saxon city is not the 'new Berlin' as people say, but perhaps more like Berlin 'back in the day’.

2. Career growth is definitely possible: When looking at living costs, it is important to keep in mind that salaries in Leipzig are not as high as in larger cities. That being said, the business market here is booming right now and offers a variety of job opportunities. The city is known in Germany for its automotive industry but has also experienced growing and thriving startup, art and tech scenes, which have resulted in attracting a wave of younger and tech-minded workforce. Some of the biggest and most notable employers in the area include BMW, Porsche, Amazon and DHL, while there are also over 200 startups currently operating in the city. Real estate companies are also notable employers in the city, not to mention tech companies such as Nextbike and Trivago, which have helped create opportunities for tech enthusiasts.

3. Your (future) children will love it: When looking for locations to settle down and purchase a property, it's always worth asking the question – is the city family-friendly? Would I want my children to grow up there? Does this city have enough of the amenities my children will need? The good news is that Leipzig has all the public support needed to make family life easy, fun, and affordable. There are plenty of reputable schools, which comprise of childcare centres and bilingual schools and kindergartens. Green spaces are in abundance, Clara Zetkin Park being the largest and most sought-after gem. There are also hundreds of leisure activities for kids and adults alike, including the city zoo, museums and sports clubs.

4. You’ll want to take your education further: The Saxon metropolis has a buzzing student habitat and is home to the renowned University of Leipzig. The University of Leipzig has an impressive list of former students, such as Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Novelist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Not a bad list of alumni at all. Apart from the University of Leipzig, there are also other distinguished institutions such as the Academy of Fine Arts, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, and Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. Plenty of great options to further your educational journey.

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5. The central connection: A big benefit of moving to Leipzig is its location and transport infrastructure. The city is very well connected by road, rail, and air. It boasts an international airport, the Leipzig/Halle Airport, and is just a short drive away from some exciting cities you’ll enjoy visiting such as Berlin, Dresden and Prague. While in the city, you can use Leipzig's trains, trams and buses, which are cheap to use. Or, as it's a smaller city, it is just as quick and easy to get around by bike or foot.

6. The city is a feast for the eyes: Leipzig stands out from many other cities in Germany not just because of its low cost of living or extensive history, but also the fact that it is one of the greenest cities in the country. When researching for where to live in Leipzig, you might have seen that there are a lot of parks within the city. It can take just minutes to reach one of the many parks to enjoy a long warm summer afternoon. What you might not know is that there’s a lake district nearby, plus old industrial canals that make the city an attractive haven for those who love water sports and canoeing. You will also enjoy over 20 natural swimming pools spread across the city, or grab your bike and go for a ride along one of the dense cycling paths lining the waterways.

7. Art, music and festivals galore: In the years immediately following reunification, Leipzig suffered a long period of stagnation, and thousands of people left the city. Thankfully, since then the Saxon city has been transformed into a cool and creative city, thanks to an inventive and entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit has been converting abandoned buildings into affordable homes, startup meccas and art and music venues, helping to create a cool vibe across the city. An excellent example of this is the Baumwollspinnerei, which used to be a thriving cotton mill but was abandoned and quickly forgotten. Now, this 10-hectare site boasts art galleries, studios and apartments, and is once again full of life. Other iconic venues across the city and region host large festivals, such as the Wave Gothic Festival and the Highfield Festival. Leipzig's famous nightclub Institut für Zukunft won the prestigious Venue of the Year award in 2018.

8. Small but mighty with heaps of character & history: This is a city small in size but mighty in character and typically German. In your quest to buy real estate in Leipzig, the unfinished charm of this area will doubtlessly influence your decision to invest. It's easy to get around, you're never far away from quality, affordable restaurants or cafés, and the city’s apartments have an abundance of character and history. Altbau apartments, in particular, come with history, charm and personality. Speaking of character, a lesser-known fact is that Leipzig played a central role in the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall. Peaceful demonstrations held at the Nikolaikirche in the centre of Leipzig on the 9th October 1989 snowballed into wider marches throughout East Germany, thanks to the media attention the rallies drew. Not long after these protests, due to pressure from across Eastern Germany, the Berlin Wall fell. The Nikolaikirche is now a place of significance for many Germans. Who wouldn't want to live in an area surrounded by so much history?

9. Final thoughts: If you need any more convincing, then you should know that Leipzig was named the 'most liveable city in Germany' just a few years ago. It continues to show growth and maturity and is now ranked as one of the fastest-growing cities in Germany. This gem in eastern Germany has attracted thousands of young creatives for the past few years, and it is said that 1 in 10 new residents that moves to the city is coming from Berlin. Change is happening fast, so what are you waiting for? Now really could be the best time to move to Leipzig.

Let's talk neigbourhoods in Leipzig

As we’ve discussed, Leipzig is a hotbed for the cool art scene, as well as offering professional jobs and a booming nightlife. So, with something for everyone, the only question remaining is, what neighbourhood is best for you? Each neighbourhood has its own personality and spirit, so let’s dive into the details:

Move to Leipzig-Mitte: The city centre is the historical centre of Leipzig and hosts the old town, which is packed with traditional restaurants, bars, cafés, museums, and a classic shopping arcade. Leipzig University is also situated here, as well as entertainment venues such as the Red Bull Arena, plus two of Leipzig’s biggest and prettiest parks, Clara Zetkin Park and Johannapark. Leipzig Mitte has the highest population density and is one of the more expensive areas to buy an apartment, but living here gives its residents the best of everything that Leipzig has to offer.

Move to Leipzig-Nord: The northern neighbourhood of Leipzig has traditionally been where the wealthier inhabitants resided. This neighbourhood stretches from the city centre north through suburbs and beyond. Bourgeois villas and townhouses dominate the streets here, and it is predominantly a quiet, peaceful area, perfect for families and those seeking a calmer, more tranquil life.

Move to Leipzig-Südwest: Leipzig-Südwest is the largest neighbourhood in the city and brings with it the creative flair that has attracted the cool and hip. Two of the hottest areas, Plagwitz and Schleussig, are situated in the Südwest. Plagwitz is home to the iconic Baumwollspinnerei as well as artist’s studios, galleries, trendy bars and chic restaurants. Schleussig offers a more chilled neighbourhood feel that is well catered for families with plenty of open green space yet is within easy reach of the coolness of Plagwitz.

Move to Leipzig-Süd: Often described as edgy and alternative, the south of the city is quirky and colourful and is packed with bar-lined streets, filled with students and people of all types. Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse (known as KarLi) is the epicentre of Leipzig-Süd. On warm summer evenings KarLi will be swarming with activity from restaurant terraces and bars, with people enjoying a meal and a drink outside. The streets running off KarLi provide quieter residential spots for people to live, while still offering a variety of shops and cafes.

Expat Moving Company Leipzig

For over 20 years, Expat Moving Company Leipzig has been your trusted guide. We strive to understand your needs and provide you with peace of mind throughout your move. We are proud to be the most recognized name in moving, and the moving company you choose to get started on your next adventure. Like the ship in our logo, we too are on a journey seeking new opportunity and progress.

Our driving force is to support your move with the highest level of service by providing superior solutions and adapting our processes to continue to deliver your belongings safely and on-time. We do all of this to provide a seamless move experience and to guide you.

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