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What are the advantages of a moving company in Berlin?

It is obvious that there are many reasons to move to Berlin. If you have decided to move, the first step is to think about whether you want to hire a moving company. This decision is of course a very individual to make and depends on many factors such as time, budget, physical condition as well as resources (e.g. help from family and friends, transport car, etc).

If you have a lot of time but a tight moving budget, you are more likely to call on the help of friends and relatives than someone who is very busy at work and/or in their private life and has very limited time. The risk of physical injury, such as problems with intervertebral discs or torn ligaments, caused by lifting and carrying heavy objects is also a reason for some people to call on professional help of Expat Moving Company Berlin. Another argument for hiring Expat Moving Company is the possibility of disposing of furniture or objects that are no longer needed in the course of the move.

We make moving easy! Our movers are smart, professional, and friendly. Choose Expat Moving Company in Berlin — it’s the smartest move you’ll ever make.

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Moving Service in Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany as well as the seat of the Bundestag, Bundesrat and Federal Government. With 3.7 million inhabitants, it is also the most populous city in Germany and the entire European Union. In addition, Berlin is the largest municipality in Germany in terms of area, covering 892 square kilometres.

The city is an important location for the areas of creative and cultural industries, biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as information technology and construction. Berlin is also an important transport & moving hub for European air and rail traffic. If you move to Berlin, you are very well connected in terms of transport. Germany's capital Berlin also has an excellent reputation in education and research and attracts people from all over the world with its famous nightlife, festivals and variety of cultural offerings.

There are many reasons to move to Berlin: The city is cosmopolitan, colourful and lively, has an excellent public transport network, has many green spaces, parks and forests and is ideal for studying or pursuing a career. There are good reasons why Berlin is an extremely popular place to live among young people and students.
As already mentioned, Berlin is a very large city in terms of area and consists of 12 districts, which in turn are divided into 96 districts.

One of the most popular and well-known residential areas is the district of Berlin Mitte. Although it's not exactly cheap, it's very central and close to numerous start-ups and schools, and you can also enjoy a wide range of art, culture and gastronomy.

Prenzlauer Berg is another very popular district in Berlin, especially among young families because of its child-friendly nature. There are many playgrounds, daycare centres and shops specialising in children's accessories.

The Kreuzberg district is a multicultural district with many original street cafés, restaurants, second-hand shops, small boutiques, wine shops and delis. Furthermore, there are numerous kebab stands in the area. While Kreuzberg used to be popular with young people, artists and hippies, today it attracts all ages and professions. Unfortunately, housing prices are correspondingly high.

Berlin's party hotspot and another popular place to live is the Friedrichshain district. Many large companies such as Zalando and Universal Music have also settled here. The district offers a lot for nature lovers as well, e.g. the Volkspark Friedrichshain and the Rummelsburger Bucht.

Looking for a quality Moving Company in Berlin?

We first came to Berlin in 2005. Since then, we have been growing rapidly — just like the city itself! As Berlin has grown, Expat Moving Company has grown with it and we are proud to have brought our unique brand of customer service and years of experience to Berlin.

Whether you are looking for:

Family movers to move your family from Stuttgart to a new home in Berlin

Commercial movers to relocate your office to Berlin downtown historic district

Apartment movers to help move you into your dorm at the University of Berlin

Packing services (full-service and partial) to make sure all belongings get from point A to point B

Portable and storage unit movers to help move your winter furniture into our storage in Berlin

Long-distance movers to move your family from Berlin to Dusseldorf, Amsterdam or Milan.

We have begun to change the perception of what is expected from movers here in Berlin and we wake up every day ready to blow people’s expectations out of the water! The incredible reputation we’ve built in the area shows the love that Berlin residents have for us and our moving process.

House moving in Berlin

There are thousands of reasons we move in Berlin but it doesn’t make the actual moving part any easier or less overwhelming. Your home is your special place. The place where you relax, unwind, and surround yourself with the things you love. It’s where you keep your comfy bed, your favorite chair, your album collection, and your family photos. No matter what, you need movers you can trust!

We here at Expat Moving Company know that home is where the heart is and we take our responsibility very seriously. Our movers in Berlin are highly trained and highly motivated and offer award-winning service that is unmatched in the industry. We work tirelessly to make your home move easy, stress-free, and dare we say it, even fun.

Arrival & First Walk-Through

We arrive on time with clean, fully outfitted commercial moving trucks and all moving supplies and equipment we might need. This includes padding, shrink wrap, tools, and more! We’ll also conduct our first (of three) walk-throughs of your home. We review room by room with you to:

  • Get an idea of what isn’t being moved

  • The basic order of how things will be moved

  • If any items require special attention or have any pre-existing damages

  • Confirm the estimate provided over the phone is correct

  • Once the contract is signed we will begin prepping your home to move.

Home Movers In Germany

Expat Moving Company

We provide residential moves in the following cities, and their surrounding suburbs:

Movers in Berlin

Movers in Stuttgart

Movers in Hamburg

Movers in Cologne

Movers in Frankfurt

Movers in Düsseldorf

Movers in Dortmund

Movers in Essen

Movers in Leipzig

Movers in Bremen

Movers in Dresden

Movers in Hannover

Movers in Nuremberg

Movers in Duisburg

Movers in Bochum

Movers in Wuppertal

Movers in Hagen

Movers in Hamm

Save Time

We vet and do the research and only use Expat moving Company-verified movers for your home or office relocation.

Movers in Bonn

Movers in Bielefeld

Movers in Münster

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Movers in Mainz

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Movers in Kassel

Movers in Saarbrücken

24/7 Support

Expat Moving Company provides more than just moving. Enjoy professional support available by phone 24/7.

Movers in Mülheim

Movers in Potsdam

Movers in Ludwigshafen

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Movers in Osnabrück

Movers in Solingen

Movers in Heidelberg

Movers in Herne

Movers in Neuss

Movers in Darmstadt

Movers in Paderborn

Movers in Regensburg

Movers in Ingolstadt

Movers in Fürth

Movers in Wolfsburg

Movers in Offenbach am Main

Movers in Ulm

Movers in Heilbronn

Movers in Pforzheim

Movers in Göttingen

Movers in Bottrop

Movers in Trier

Movers in Recklinghausen

Movers in Reutlingen


Book confidently and confidentially. Expat Moving Company will never sell your information.

Movers in Bremerhaven

Movers in Koblenz

Movers in Bergisch Gladbach

Movers in Jena

Movers in Moers

Movers in Siegen

Movers in Hildesheim

Movers in Salzgitter

Movers in Gera

Movers in Furth

Movers in Nippes

Movers in Marzahn

Movers in Dueren

Movers in Iserlohn

Movers in Hellersdorf

Movers in Detmold

Movers in Neubrandenburg

Movers in Unna

Movers in Altona

Movers in Wilhelmshaven

Movers in Cottbus

Movers in Lichterfelde

Movers in Delmenhorst

Movers in Remscheid

Movers in Würzburg

Packing & Full Service

Expat Moving Company's professional packers will take your move from stress free to hands free!

Our Moving Company in Berlin & Germany

Looking for a no-surprises moving estimate and professional Berlin & Germany movers? Expat Moving Company is the Berlin Moving Company you’ve been searching for. We create happy and efficient moves all across Berlin, Germany.

Our trucks first hit the road in 1988. Now our local Berlin, Germany Moving Company has expanded to Stuttgart, Leipzig, San Antonio, Fort Lauderdale, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf + more! with one of the largest privately-owned fleets in Germany.

We are your one stop company whether you’re moving from a Memorial Berlin apartment, to a Berlin home, or have a Berlin corporate office in the heart of downtown. When you’re ready to make the transition into your new home, we are the Berlin movers you can count on. Last year alone, we created happy moves for over 40,000 families, Expats and companies!

Our professionally trained Berlin packers and unpackers can help unpack your belongings and organize each room for you! Want your closet color-coded? No problem. Prepare to do absolutely nothing but relax and let our Berlin movers do the work!

Affordable Household Moving Services in Berlin

You can select Expat Moving Company, the highly dedicated Berlin Expat, Student & Family Movers to provide quality services from a highly reliable household movers company. We are in this business since 1988 and offers highly efficient and prompt services in Berlin. Our services are best scheduled and they can deliver household goods on time without causing any delays to our customers. Customers can get complete reliability and trust of our services because other users have found them timely, reliable and trustworthy in our Berlin Moving Services. You can make an ideal estimate of time to allow our Berlin moving company to work in moving your household goods and services.

Expat Moving Company household movers can do any difficult moving task with much care and attention. We move any household items very large or awkward such as including Spa or sports equipments to your desired destinations. If you want to give Expat Moving Company, Student & Expat Movers a responsibility of moving your car instead of driving it, you can be very happy and enjoy our services. We will work hard to plan your moving items from Berlin to other places. If you have large numbers of awkward items to place from one place to another and need highly reliable services, you can show complete trust on Expat Moving Company in Berlin.

Valued customers can get complete peace of mind by selecting Expat Moving Company for our household & student moving services to move large electronics items such as refrigerators, dryer units and other heavy things. We can transport different motorized items such as ATVs or bulky items that are light in weight but can capture huge space. Such items need care and professional moving services to transfer them without facing any wears and tears in these items. Expat Moving Company Berlin will completely examine these items before finalizing things with our customers to move them safely at our desired destinations.

Affordable Commercial (Business) Moving Services in Berlin, Germany

Businesses should always be very careful in selecting commercial movers to move their valuable office items from one place to another. Expat Moving Company Berlin offers our customers huge benefits by selecting us for their commercial relocation needs. You can do proper research work in making your decisions to get the true value of your money invested. Before hiring Expat Moving Company Berlin, you should have the complete realizations that costs of moving office items and equipment will be a big factor in making your decisions. Never trust on such commercial movers who don’t have capacity of knowledge how to move bulk items from safely without causing any damage to your property.

The good news about Expat Moving Company's commercial movers is that we offer affordable commercial moving services. Our prices are competitive if you compare them with other commercial / business movers in Berlin. We can move your larger items by offering storage units for easier and convenient transportation and best protection of your valuable commercial items. We recommend customers always get a quote from Expat Moving Company and compare them to other companies before deciding to transfer your office or commercial equipment including furniture items, electronics or other expensive goods.

Safety and protection of your office equipments should be your top most priority. Expat Moving Company's commercial moving service offers complete security and warranty of your items transportation in the most efficient way. We do the transportation of office furniture and other equipment once these items are properly packed. Customers should be well aware that commercial moving is difficult and we are ready to offer all types of necessary help in unpacking the items once they have reached your destination. We are ready to work closely with your employees to make sure each and every thing have been carefully handled and transferred to its ideal location.

Affordable Office Moving Services in Berlin, Germany

If you want to use office movers to relocate your office equipment’s and costly furniture in Berlin, you should be very cautious in selecting the best office movers company. Make sure that there will be little or no lost productivity after taking services from highly efficient sources. In moving office equipment’s to short distant place, you can get through the transfer of goods process without facing any interruptions to your employees due to the transfer of business. But if you are moving your office equipment’s after taking services from Expat Moving Company's Berlin office movers, you should make your employees well prepared to wait for some time for the delivery of office furniture and other items before resuming to normal working activities.

The right movers like Expat Moving Company's Berlin office movers will make you stress-free in the entire process. Our moving services in Berlin are highly reliable and professional and most of our customers have complete reliability and trust on our valued moving & transport services. There is no need you do the supervision of such a professionally developed office movers company. We know how to deal with different items ranging from smalls to large office items with care and attention. You can relocate your business from one place to another place by keeping your employees during this business transfer time. You can nominate numbers of different responsibilities to keep your employees busy and capable to do their regular jobs when the process of transferring office equipment’s completes.

Different employees can telecommute and operate from their own homes while you are taking services from Expat Moving Company Berlin officce movers in the meantime. Hiring professional and experienced office Movers Company should be your top most priority to get the job done according to your expectations.

We make this extensive moving service experience a requirement for every relocation professional we employ. Please call us to discuss the details of your next office relocation today!

Due to our many years in business, the Berlin moving service experts at Expat Moving Company are fully qualified to assist your company with the process of coordinating the many aspects involved in successfully transferring your computer support furniture, cubicle walls and business support systems from your previous office to your new office building.

Rely on Expat Moving Company Germany to carefully manage moving your office in Berlin, keeping you on schedule and within budget.

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