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Why move abroad with Expat Moving Company Holland?

We are your international moving company, offering exceptional international moving services. At Expat Moving Company Holland, we manage your international relocation from start to new start, because we want you to feel at home wherever you go.

Moving to another country can be a daunting experience. But we think it should be one of the most exciting moments in your life. That’s why with us, you have one single point of coordination to make everything run like clockwork. We work with you to ensure each and every aspect is perfect, right down to the very smallest details. From storage services to packing and unpacking, we take care of it all. We’re the international movers you can trust to make it easy.

How can we help with your international move abroad?

Through our range of simple, efficient and tailored moving services, we provide a seamless experience. You only select and pay for the services you need.

To start things off, we include a considerate pre-move consultation so we can work with you to assess your needs. We’ll take you through how our international moving service works, and all the additional features of our removals service. We are completely transparent about our transportation costs, including optional extras.

We understand the importance of keeping your personal belongings safe when moving internationally. On the moving day we send our team of professional movers and packers who use only the best in packaging materials and techniques.

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10 tips for international relocation

International Moving Service
1. Take the Essentials

When using our international moving service, you can reduce moving expenses by packing lightly. Move your most precious belongings, but leave perishable food and replaceable toiletries with friends or family who can use them. If you’re moving to a country with a tropical climate, you may be able to donate your winter coat or consider a garage sale before you go or list your items for sale online.

2. Get Copies Of Important Documents

Whenever possible, get multiple copies of your official documents. Scan them online into cloud storage for electronic retrieval just in case. Leave one copy with a family member, one copy in storage, and take one with you. Work with an expert for your visa paperwork and any other documentation you may need to travel.

3. Choose Your Bank

Research banks in your new home country, and make sure you speak with an advisor or banker about any differences in banking and finance regulations.

4. Stay Social

Meeting new people in a new country is part of the experience, and it can help with cultural assimilation. It is especially helpful if you are moving somewhere that speaks a different language or is much different in culture. Social media is a great tool as well. Check out any Facebook groups that have similar interests as you. With just a click of a button, you’ll be on your way to making new friends. Reach out to everyone you know to find a local contact or friendly face to greet you upon arrival for a warm welcome, and don’t forget to plan a going-away party before you leave!

5. Learn the Language

Over 800 million people in the world speak English, with an additional 600 million who have learned it as a foreign language. Learning a new language can be an exciting way to understand a culture and learn to communicate. Don’t be afraid to mispronounce words — most will be happy to help you learn and appreciate the effort. Don’t be surprised if locals want to practice their English with you, too!

6. Plan a Visit

If it’s possible, we highly recommend taking a trip to visit your new location. An organized tour can give you a chance to learn about the culture, try new foods, appreciate new art and music, and maybe even meet your potential neighbors. Use this trip as an opportunity to get familiar with schools, churches, hospitals, gyms, and entertainment in the area.

7. Get Your Checkups

Before you leave, get a full medical checkup and any immunizations that you need. If an employer is moving you, talk to your human resources manager to learn about medical, dental, and vision benefits while overseas. Take plenty of prescriptions that you may need, and don’t forget to take a small travel kit with the essentials.

8. Bring Home With You

You’ll want to bring your favorite pictures, mementos, and decorations. Especially important for children, adjusting to a new environment is easier with a little bit of familiarity. If you have precious heirlooms, beautiful works of art, or even grandfather clocks that have been passed down generations, work with a specialty mover to protect your belongings.

9. Prepare for an Adventure

Finally, you’ll want to prepare for an adventure. Moving abroad can be new and exciting, and having professional movers in your corner can make it much easier. From planning and packing all the way to arrival and delivery, Expat Moving Company Holland can help.

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Moving to The Netherlands?

5 Things You Should Know Before you are Moving to the Netherlands

1. Great healthcare

There are three key reasons the Dutch are so fit and healthy: exercise, diet, and a brilliant healthcare system. It’s all about the basisverekering. This is a compulsory health insurance scheme that costs each person around €85-€140 per month, and it’s very efficient.

2. Bicycle crazy

Name a more iconic duo than the Netherlands and the bicycle. They’ve been getting along for years and now bicycles actually outnumber people over there (22.5 million bicycles vs 18 million people). It’s lovely but also a bit sinister. Loads of car-bike collisions in the 1970s caused uproar amongst the Dutch, so the response was to create a system where bicycles (or fiets) have priority. There’s now a 35,000 km network of bike paths across the country and car drivers just need to deal with it. On roads, on roundabouts, in the city and in the countryside: the bike is always right. If you want to go Dutch then be prepared to pedal your socks off.


3. No mountains

The Dutch landscape is famously flat. The lowest point in the country is 22 feet below sea level (Prince Alexander Polder) and the highest point is only 1000 feet above sea level (the Vaalserberg), while most of the space in between is just a big green pancake. Positives: you can see for miles and you don’t have to cycle up any steep hills. Negatives: it makes everywhere really windy and you don’t get to cycle down any steep hills.

4. Extremely tall

The people of the Netherlands have made up for living in such a low country by growing incredibly tall. Research in 2016 showed Dutch men to be the tallest in the world, averaging a height of 184 cm, or a little over six foot. We’re not sure yet as to how the Dutch are going to make use of this superpower, but it’s very exciting for them. The potential of 8.5 million tall men is enormous.

5. The Dutch really know their Engels

Try as hard as you like, but any attempt to speak to a Dutch person in Dutch will almost inevitably result in them replying to you in English. If they can tell that you’re not a native, they won’t waste any time letting you speak their language. This is really annoying for people who go to the Netherlands to practice their Dutch. The Netherlands has one of the highest proficiency of English as a second language.. However, it’s not just down to the schools; none of the English or American cartoons are overdubbed on Dutch television, so kids have got to learn their Engels fairly quickly if they want to have a fun childhood.

Moving services & companies in the Netherlands

Moving to a new house in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam or other Dutch cities? Looking for high-quality expat-friendly companies offering services for your private or corporate move?

For a number of services such as moving (or removing) a few pieces of furniture or all of your belongings, transportation of your car, scooter or other vehicle, storage of household goods or personal belongings contact us to request a quote.

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